This is a study of structure and properties of the atmosphere – a gas layer surrounding the globe- and of its phenomena and physical processes A part of the study which is important especially for human life and activity is examination of atmospheric processes, mainly heat and water circulation in the atmosphere and atmospheric circulation, which enables people to determine the current and foresee the future weather in a given area. Meteorology is divided into several branches of which the most significant ones include: dynamic meteorology, synoptic meteorology, atmospheric sounding, and actinometry. The division of the so called “applied” meteorology is closely related to branches of economics which are dependent on the atmospheric state, for instance agricultural meteorology, aviation meteorology etc.

Atmospheric state is described with the use of physical characteristics known as meteorological elements. Geoportal presents some of the most important meteorological elements: : air temperature, air humidity, dew point, atmospheric pressure, reduced pressure, wind direction and speed, precipitation sum, total solar irradiance, long-wave radiation.